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The 5 Most Family Friendly Places to Live in Brooklyn


Brooklyn is known for baseball, beaches, bridges, brownstones, and bagels. But did you know that it’s also a great place for babies?

That’s right, babies and families! But whether you’re on the verge of having your first child, or you already have your own little army, you want them growing up in a safe place that you’re happy to call home.

However, it seems that your current accommodations don’t quite fit the bill. Maybe after living in the “middle of it all” Manhattan you want some more space to raise your kids, or possibly you’re young, new parents eyeing NYC for the first time. 

If you wish for a place to live that has great schools, safe streets, endless opportunities, and the perfect amount of peace and quiet, you won’t need the help of a genie from a magic lamp. 

Just grab a Brooklyn bagel and fill your cleanest Disney mug with coffee (or wine), then get ready to explore these five neighborhoods. One of them could make your wishes come true.

brooklyn bridge

#5. Williamsburg – A Pretty Sweet Neighborhood

Do you ever hold your crying baby at 1:00 A.M. and think back about when you used to spend this hour of the night out clubbing?

Well, in Williamsburg you can actually relive those wild nights. It’s a fantastic place for young, hip families who want the fun, vibrant city lifestyle but with a calmer atmosphere to call home.

You can experience the thrilling nightlife, visit those cute boutiques and trendy cafés, and raise your children with peace of mind. That’s sweet, right?

This neighborhood is very safe and there are many quality schools, including standouts like the Success Academy Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School.

Also, nestled in the middle of Williamsburg is McCarren Park, which provides an epic Olympic-sized swimming pool, athletic fields, skatepark, and an ice skating rink in the wintertime.

Equally as impressive is Domino Park right on the East River. It’s part of the ongoing redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Refinery. This park features volleyball, bocce ball, and a carousel. Elevated walkways and splishy-splashy water features for those hot summer days, and there’s a sweet playground modeled after the former sugar factory too!

A huge perk of this area is convenience; Williamsburg has the first two stops on the L train before crossing into Manhattan and you can get around easily by train, bus, car, or bike.

There are outdoor concerts, sculptures and murals, and with waterfront views of Manhattan that will make you drool, this hotspot for artists and hipsters has recently become one of the most sought after places to live in all of NYC.

williamsburg bridge

#4. Gravesend – The Peaceful Place

Oh, you’re sick of partying. You can’t still be nursing that hangover from your 21st birthday; that was back in 2014! But maybe a calm, quiet place to settle your family will be best for you.

In Gravesend there is practically no nightlife. It doesn’t even have many restaurants; however, L&B Spumoni Gardens’ Sicilian pizza could be a weekly tradition — it’s that good.

The streets are lined with single- and multi-family houses with a few modern condos interspersed. There are cute parks, grocery stores, and shops sprinkled about. It’s simply precious.

Honestly it barely feels like you’re in New York. And to be honest, that’s the beauty of it!

You’ll still find tennis and basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, and even a model airplane field. Plus, if you’re craving a tiny taste of excitement, you’re not far from Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

But get this: Gravesend is the only Colonial Town founded by a woman. Maybe that’s why this residential neighborhood is so safe and peaceful.

gravesend nyc

#3. Park Slope – Trendy and Popular

You have to see these beautiful brownstones, and the cherry trees in blossom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! Heck, I even admire the steps of the Brooklyn Museum. This neighborhood is incredible.

Park Slope is one of the most popular places to live in New York City, and for good reason. The bars and restaurants are top notch. The historic buildings, libraries, museums, churches, synagogues, and mansions are all magnificent marvels to behold.

Did I mention the epic Prospect Park? Well that’s here, too.

And the best part about Park Slope is that you’ll see strollers and kids almost everywhere you go. Tons of parents choose to raise their children here. There are famous actors, musicians, politicians, and artists who call this neighborhood home.

This neighborhood has noteworthy private and public schools (William Penn and Henry Bristow are two of the latter). There’s very little crime, and the Children’s Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an inspiration. 

The main downside is that this popularity comes at a price. Literally. It’s a pricey place to live.

park slope (1)

#2. Ditmas Park – Regal and Relaxing

You want to raise your kids like royalty. I get it! But how about you forget about Disney princesses or even the Queen of Hearts, and consider the type of royalty that Harry and Meghan waved goodbye to.  

This historic part of Flatbush is lined with large Victorian homes covered with gables and front porches.

The wide, tree-lined streets have townhouses and apartment buildings as well, but with manicured lawns and open space, you hardly believe you’re in New York.

Put on your crown and enjoy the shopping, bars, and amazing upscale restaurants on Cortelyou Road (try brunch at The Castello Plan).

Or since we all know who’s really in charge, there’s plenty for your kids here too;

If they’re older, check out the nearby Kensington Stables and the Parade Grounds. But for those further down the line for succession to your throne, there are cute parks and playgrounds, and places like the Lark Café, which has children’s classes and events for toddlers. The restored King’s Theatre provides entertainment for the whole royal family. 

Ditmas Park is a safe residential neighborhood nestled in Flatbush, fit for your little princes and princesses.

ditmas park

#1. Bensonhurst – the best of both worlds.

Bensonhurst is the most like New York City, without being anything like New York City. Let me explain…

Think of all the aspects of the city that you love; say the culture and diversity, the amazing restaurants and shopping, or even being able to run out in the middle of the night to buy toilet paper… Bensonhurst has all that!

Now think of all your least favorite aspects of the city; the noise, crime, and the over-crowded streets. Well, you’ll find barely any of that here.

This neighborhood is incredibly diverse, and just walking around you’ll get a sense of how kind and accepting everyone is. You can actually get to know your neighbors and feel confident your kids are safe as they run around and play.

It’s become known as the “Little Italy of Brooklyn” and “Brooklyn’s Second Chinatown”, but it’s also known for being home to families of tons of other ethnicities, including Polish, Russian, and Puerto Rican.

In summertime, the Bensonhurst Green Market brings the whole neighborhood together for games and fun in Milestone Park, as well as shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables and multi-ethnic foods.

There are excellent public schools and safe open parks. The neighborhood is mostly residential, but everything you could ever want is here; clothing and shoe stores, electronic repair shops, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, doctors, and (drumroll) day care!

Take the kids to the go-kart track at Adventurers Park, or just run behind your double-wide stroller on the Bensonhurst Park bike paths.

It’s the perfect balance of quiet and loud — gentrification seems to barely affect this neighborhood. The luxury apartments and department stores somehow do nothing to change the family friendly small-town feel.

Cross that bridge into Brooklyn and make your dreams come true.

Your kids are little miracles! The “American Dream” is different for everybody, and every family is beautifully diverse and unique.

Wishing you the best of luck finding the perfect neighborhood for you and your kids; a family-friendly place that you’ll be proud to call “home”.

bensonhurst (3)